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The team at Tranquillity are amazing and all work very well together. We all take our job very serious but we also have time to have a giggle! Without the team at Tranquillity it wouldn’t be the salon it is today. They are like my family now and I love working with them.

I hope you find the time for yourself to pay us a visit at Tranquillity, if you haven’t already we look forward to meeting you and indulging you with all our amazing treatments and products.







Vicky (Managing Director)

I have been a therapist for over 8 years now I love my job and have a great passion for the beauty industry I have also worked in Harrods and Selfridges and for Decleor It was always a dream of mine to set up on my own from a very young age. So that’s what I did, and as tough as it is I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Beauty industry
I love that there are always new treatments available and always something new to learn.
At Tranquillity we are always bringing in new brands ,treatments and latest equipment. This I love as it keeps us trained and up to date with the beauty industry so we can make sure our clients get the results and pampering they deserve.

Vickys dog

Other then running Tranquility I do love a social life, especially eating out. I try to make time to go to the gym but Nandos always comes 1st ☺

I also love to spend time with my family if not at work that is where I will be.I have a large family so we keepeach other very busy without their support and love I wouldn’t be who I am today.







Gill (Specialist Procedure Consultant )

I have been a full time nurse for over 40 years. I decided several years ago I wanted a slight change of career. I love my job but having Vicky as my daughter she had inspired me and gave me a huge belief in the beauty industry, so I decided to train at Harley Street to administer botox, fillers and chemical peels. I also completed
level 2 beauty therapy.

I love the results from these treatments, and giving customers instant results and the knowledge to maintain good results by using the correct skincare and aftercare.
The procedure is very straight forward and with my skills most clients feel it is a pleasurable experience .

If I am not carrying out procedures I am normally washing towels for salon. But on a more glamorous note I enjoy eating out with my family and visit Portugal when I get a break .

Tranquillity opened in 2008 and has been a great experience to watch the salon grow. We have an amazing friendly client base of whom we look forward to their visits everytime
Its everything you need all under one roof from botox to spray tans; facials; massage; nails and many more. The brands at the salon are all of high quality and well known, so you are always going to get the results you wish to receive and will be a unique experience.







Leanne (Senior Therapist)

I am a very down to earth, bubbly person who always has a smile on her face! There isn't a lot that can bring me down as I'm always up for a good laugh. I enjoy making people feel good about themselves and helping them in every way I can which is why I got into beauty.

Working at Tranquillity has really motivated me as a therapist, we are always given the most up to date training on all of the treatments we offer and brand we stock to make us the best we can be for our clientele and are always encouraged to see what's new in the beauty world to keep on top of everything.

As a therapist I do enjoy every part of my job but my favourite treatment would have to be the IPL Laser hair removal and Skin Rejuvenation, the results are fantastic and noticeable even after the 1st treatment. Being a therapist it's hard to be able to have treatments on yourself so my favourite treatment to have would have to be a body wrap! Not only do you feel totally blissed out but your skin looks amazing afterwards. My favourite brand would have to be Decleor. From a professional point of view Decleor has all aspects covered from their profound aromessence facial oils to body creams, oils and gels, there is a product to suit every clients needs. From a personal point of view I find it hard to use products on my face as it has tendency to react badly but with Decleor that doesn't happen due to the high quality ingredients and essential oils used, their products just glide smoothly on my skin and have fantastic results. Decleor believe in a more holistic approach to beauty and to treat the person as a whole which is probably why there facials include a back massage to really add that unique touch!







Debbie (Receptionist)

I work part time on reception & will often be your first point of contact.

My background has been based around the Personal Development of others. As I often work independently I love time spent with the Tranquility team & getting the opportunity to train in luxury brands. After 11 years in a pressurised work environment I also enjoy the relaxing ambiance of Tranquillity.

I've been with Tranquility for just over a month & have already been trained in Decleor Consultation. Following in-house training I am also very excited about the coming in-depth Rodial training which is my new found passion. There is a product to eliminate any body concern you could ever have. Snake serum has been my first purchase & it is amazing!

Before my time at Tranquility I knew nothing of luxury skin care & through what I have learnt in a short space of time I am now committed to my skincare regime & have been introduced to the wonders of OPI gels. As a working Mother I haven't had time to attend to treats such as painting my nails. At risk of chipping within half an hour I didn't see the point. Thankfully I now have OPI gels that last up to 3 weeks! No chipping!

Experienced in the joys of pregnancy I also advise the 'Mum to Be' massage to go on the absolute essential list. I booked it for my Birthday & it was the most relaxing indulgence I have ever son was born 2 days later & I am convinced the full body massage prepared my body & made the birthing experience far more enjoyable than my first!

I love different life experiences, different working environments that give me the flexibility to have quality time with my children, I love doing what I love & don't believe I or anyone should ever have to compromise on that. There should not be a work/life balance there should just be life, as quoted by Richard Branson & I believe in that. Tranquility is a pleasurable place to be where we work as a team & have a comfortable, friendly rapport with customers without compromising on delivering a professional service.







Alexis (Therapist)

I am one of the newest team members of Tranquility and have now been a qualified beauty therapist for 5 years. Previous to working at tranquility I worked in North london for 4 years. My favourite aspect of my job is making people feel amazing when they leave the salon, whether its as small as an eyebrow wax or a luxurious full body massage. Since working at Tranquility I have gained new skills and product knowledge working with the most up to date beauty brands. Tranquility is a thriving atmosphere to work in and I am pleased to be part of the team.

There are lots of amazing products at Tranquility but my favourite brand has to be Rodial. This is because the products deliver targeted treatments to specific skin concerns. In particular I LOVE the Dragons Blood Hyaluronic moisturiser, as this quenches my skins thirst. It is velvety soft and deeply moisturises my skin, plumping and keeping it looking youthful.
I am also loving our newest brand Dermaquest which offers skin peels and resurfacers. These products use the highest performing ingredients to deliver superior results! I am amazed at the results I have seen with clients after having just one treatment and they are extremely pleased they have invested in Dermaquest.

Amongst the treatments we offer at Tranquility, facials and pedicures are two of my favourites. Decleor facials are amazing as they have a back massage included, this would definately be my choice of treatment if I were a client. Total indulgence! I love pedicures as you see an instant change from beginning to end, and theres nothing like having a foot massage to relive tired aching feet.

In my spare time I like going to the gym, shopping and spending time with my friends.







Leanna (Therapist)

I have been a Beauty Therapist for nearly 6 years now. I have worked three jobs in the industry prior to Tranquility; two of which were Beauty Salons where I carried out all beauty treatments and the other; a high end Spa on Park Lane, Mayfair. At this Spa I got to focus more on holistic massage treatments and relaxing facials.

My favourite part of my job is seeing the confidence my treatments give to clients. Something as small as an eyelash tint can give heaps of self confidence and seeing a clients face light up when they see the finished result is priceless. My favourite treatments to do are waxing and facials. Waxing is something I have perfected since working at Tranquility, I pride myself now on being very quick and gentle whilst still getting every single hair. I am a complete perfectionist with my waxing. Facials; I love knowing my client is completely relaxed and that hour or so I spend in the room with them gives them the chance to forget about everything and completely focus on themselves. Its the perfect way to relax, but also give your skin a complete overhaul. Seeing a client walk out of the treatment room, head held high with glowing skin, gives me such gratification.

Since working at Tranquility I have gained so much treatment and product knowledge. My favourite products would have to be the Decleor Aromessence Serums and Night Balms. I am religious in my use of these products and suffering from extremely dry skin and eczema on my face, these products are a godsend to me. I use these products daily and have seen a huge difference in my skin.

I genuinely love my job at Tranquility. I love being part of such a close team, they are like my second family. I honestly couldn't have chosen a better group of people to work with. The fact that we all get on so well, not only with each other but with our clients, makes for such a lovely, tranquil atmosphere in the salon.

In my spare time I enjoy going out with friends, shopping and reading. I am a massive animal lover and so a lot of my time, when not working, is spent with my Chihuahuas; they are the absolute love of my life!







Toni (Therapist)

I have been a beauty therapist for nearly 8 years now and I absolutely love my job! I have worked in various spas such as The Sanctuary in Covent Garden and OSpa in Bond Street.
Here at Tranquility we offer a variety of treatments, but my favourite treatments to do are facials and massages. When someone comes into the salon in distress and they walk out feeling on top of the world, I know I have done my job well.

Since working at Tranquility I have gained lots of new training and product knowledge such as Bare Minerals. Bare Minerals have recently brought out a liquid foundation, which I am obsessed with! It gives you the perfect coverage that you desire, while allowing your skin to breath.

I have always suffered with my skin, but since I have been introduced to our range Dermaquest, I have seen a massive difference! These products such as the Dermaclear cleanser and serum, have given my skin a new lease of life.

The end. Thank you for reading.







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